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NJ Soft is a Software and IT Solutions Developper

Now that you are reading this text it is safe to assume: the idea of business automation has already crossed your mind. You understand how much time and efficiency may be released by making the processes automatic. Your vision may finally be focused on strategies instead of being constantly distracted by “putting off fires”.

Obviously, we have something in common: rationality is one of our fundamental values, too. We had started saving your time and money way before you contacted us: our team has developped and is constantlyenhancing series of in-house basic solutions, that can easily be adjusted to suit our Client's demands. By using those templates we guarantee the record-fast digitizing of your business processes.

Your business is unique. This is why our in-house templates are easy to adjust and tune to be a perfect match to your Company infrastructure. We customize our programme products according to your business profile and scale, your team needs, corporate identity and roadmap.

Your team is skilled, hardworking and ambitious, therefore the business automation is a brilliant opportunity for them to put their creative enery and performance potential into action. They will stay focused on their primary tasks while we gradually intergrate and adjust the new software into your existing system. Our developpers and experts will bring synergy and dedication to your business structure up intill the moment you are entirely satisfied with the result of our collaboration.

Setting clear objectives is the key success factor. However, the business automation is a near to intimate process that requires a great deal of trust between the involved parties. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of every piece of information that you will be sharing with us while project framing, software integration and product launch.

We are a Russia based team with a vast experience in automation software development. We are hardworking, thorough, multiligual and creative. One of the undeniable advantages of working with us is the rubble rate that works in your favor. Compare our prices to your local ones by sending us a frief description of your business objectives.

More About Us
Our Mission (how we work) —

Is to provide you with an advantage of business automation by integrating our custom made solutions to your existing in-house net work.

Our Clients —

Are large and medium-sized businesses that say no to cloud-based solutions in favor of in-house network infrastructure.

Our Solutions —

Aim at data processing automatization for HR, Sales, IT and maintenance and supply departments. We arrange to streamline your corporate operations.

Grigory Frolov

Grigory Frolov


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